List of things I used.

Gear and Bike info

I decided to go for a 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200Z after doing a lot of research and some test rides.

I guess time will tell if this choice was good.

So far I'm very satisfied with it.

I have done some additions or modifications to the bike like the windshield (made it longer from old leftover piece from previous bike), added heated grips, Givi crash-bar and side racks, Garmin AMPS rugged mount, tool tube, hatchet tube, cup holder (great for holding all kinds of little shit), ABS off switch, riding lights, highway pegs, 2 water bottle holders, Dirt-Skins on front shocks, Mitas E-07 Dakar tires, home made rear fender splash guard and bash plate. I also set the stock seat position at the front side on high and rear on low plus a sheep skin to make riding somewhat more bearable. Added 2 Pelican storm 2600 side cases with modded attach plates for more strength (found out it was too weak during dump test).


Shark Evoline 2 helmet, now Schuberth 3

Tour Master Transition 2 jacket

Rev-It Cheyenne pants

Triumph Tri-Tex boots, now Forma Adventure

Tour Master Dri-Mesh gloves

Old long leather gloves and Shorty's

Light leather jacket

Icebreaker under garments 2 Briefs & 2 Ts

2 cotton T shirts


Swimming pants

3 Pairs of Marino socks

Long sleeve Base layer

Long sleeve comfy and warm Sweater


Hiking shoes


Samsung phone, now I-phone 5s

Garmin Montana 600 GPS

Acer Net book

Polaroid action camera now gone

HP camera now gone

12v to USB plug

Several USB cables

Light bulb socket with side plug

Riding Gear/Electronics






2 sleeping bags, 1 summer and 1 winter.

Two 60 litre dry sacks,

Back pack.

Camping Stuff

8 Wide-Jaw Adjustable Wrench

Lightweight Pass-Thru Socket Set with SEA and Metric socket rings M10-M19, 3/8-3/4 and adaptor with extension for Torx, Screw, and Hex bits.
Tough, Double sided screw driver
Small Needle Nose Vise Grip with wire cutter
OEM sparkplug wrench
3/4 inch rood connector nut (for S10 axel)
M5-M8 Allen keys
M10-M19 Offset Box Wrenches
Electrical tape
Large Zip Ties
Small tube Axel grease
Loctite blue
JB Weld
Tire plug kit
12V Tire pump with pressure gauge


Spare parts:

Rear brake pads

Spark plugs (4)

1ltr deferential oil

Couple of mini fuses.

Tools Etc.

Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200ZCampingMe at Lake Louise, British ColumbiaLeathermanBolivia landscape view